Zero Waste Partnership Program

Track Your Property’s Waste Generation

Share Best Practices

Earn Special Incentives

Join the City’s Zero Waste Movement and Get Recognized for your Efforts

Together, we have the chance to make Philadelphia a Zero Waste city by 2035. Zero Waste starts with one person, one community, and one city coming together for a Zero Waste and litter-free future. Whether you’re a Philadelphia resident, City agency, nonprofit, business, or institution, you can take actions to reduce your waste and play a part in advancing Philadelphia toward its Zero Waste goal. Read on to learn about how you can get involved and inspire others to help, too!

The Zero Waste Partnership Program is a new way for the City to collaborate with local businesses and organizations on achieving Zero Waste in Philadelphia. Partners take the extra step to report on their Zero Waste practices, including several Zero Waste Action Items and monthly waste diversion rates. Not only does this program encourage Zero Waste practices throughout the city, but it encourages knowledge sharing between the City and Zero Waste Partners: the Partnership will give the City access to additional waste diversion data and give Partners the opportunity to share their best practices with the City and influence future goals. Plus, Partners will earn special incentives for implementing Zero Waste practices, such as eligibility for the Sustainable Business Tax Credit, and exclusive marketing tools from the City. Visit the official Zero Waste Partnership Program website to learn more.

How to Join the Partnership

Commercial Properties

Businesses, Institutions, Nonprofits and Community Organizations

Commercial properties should use the Commercial Waste Report portal to submit their monthly Partnership reporting forms. The building operator or property manager that arranges for waste collection and removal services is responsible for completing the Commercial Waste Report for their building annually, and must do so prior to completing the Zero Waste Partnership form. If you are not responsible for completing the Commercial Waste Report for your property, you can still become a Partner! Just continue directly to the Zero Waste Partnership form in the portal.

Municipal Buildings

Municipal buildings are also eligible to participate in the Zero Waste Partnership Program, and should use the Municipal Zero Waste Reporting Form to submit their monthly waste diversion rate. Please note, municipal building managers are required to submit the Municipal Building Waste Audit form annually, and must do so in order to become a Zero Waste Partner.

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