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A cleaner City starts with a coordinated effort.

And that starts with one. One person stepping up and being a leader. One block sweeping up their street. One business making more sustainable choices. From schools and parks to blocks and businesses, we all have the chance to make a change that makes the difference. Learn about the ones making zero happen.

At Philly Guitar Shop, Small Zero Waste Changes Lead to Big Impact

City Releases Updated Litter Index and Report

Philly Community Groups Collect More Than 7,400 Illegal Signs

The City is Fighting Back on Illegal Dumping

Zero Waste Silver Partner Reduces Waste in its Practices and its Packaging

5 Tips to Reduce Your Food Waste

Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet Releases One Year Update

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Recycle Eagles Recycle: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Helps Fans Reduce Waste During Season Opener

Water Department’s Waterways Restoration Team Removes Over 1,600 Tons of Trash and Debris From Philly Waterways

Philly Community Groups Remove More Than 8,000 Illegal Signs During June Roundup Event

5 Ways the Litter Index Data is Being Used

Help Philly Organizations Remove Illegal Signs

Seven Philly Civic Orgs are Fighting Cigarette Litter with Keep Philadelphia Beautiful Microgrants

City Government Promotes Reuse, Generates Revenue through Surplus Item Resale Program

Helping Philly Communities Combat Cigarette Litter with Keep Philadelphia Beautiful

SEPTA Progresses Toward 2020 Waste Goals

2017 Philadelphia Marathon Achieves Zero Waste

Trash Academy Launches New Video Series and Big Belly Trash Can Designs to Educate on Waste and Litter Issues

Become a Philacycler!

PowerCorpsPHL Cleans 132 Tons of Litter and Debris from Philadelphia Green Spaces

Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet Releases 2017 Progress Report

TLDR: The Zero Waste and Litter Plan


SEPTA Sustainability Goals

Ada Rosario

Ms. Ada Rosario – PMBC Block Captain

Science Leadership Academy's Beeber Campus

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful and Philadelphia School District

Ms. Deborah Johnson – PMBC Block Captain

Ms. JoAnne Wells – PMBC Block Captain

PWD Bartram's Garden Cleanup

Bartram’s Garden Cleanup – Watershed Cleanup

Interact with 311 online