Ms. JoAnne Wells

PMBC Block Captain, Tenure: less than 1 year

When JoAnne Wells moved to her block, she noticed something troubling. Piles and piles of trash were being dumped on the corner. And no one was doing anything about it. She said, “Oh no, this is NOT going to work.” Then she stepped up, called the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and became a Block Captain. She started handing out flyers. Posting signs about trash day and procedures. And now, her corner is completely trash-free. Even with the high turnover from new students moving in and out of her neighborhood, she’s staying on top of it with the help of PMBC. “They have been great,” she says. “Now I talk to them all the time and they are very helpful.”

This may be her first cleaning season, but she’s handled her new responsibilities like an experienced veteran. So much so that she’s already tackling her next project, adding street lights to her neighborhood. With her leading the way, things are looking bright for JoAnne’s block.

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