Ms. Deborah Johnson

PMBC Block Captain, Tenure: 24 years

When she moved to her neighborhood 24 years ago, Deborah Johnson started attending her block’s monthly meetings. She’s been serving as its Block Captain ever since. But as much as she does to organize and lead her block, she couldn’t do it without the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC). From collecting dues and running monthly block committee meetings to leading regular cleanups and annual events like the summer block party, she’s learned that PMBC is more than resources—they’re connectors and facilitators. “They help me with things I need for the block. They help me with problems, contacting city agencies, and putting me on the right track. They’re my go-to when I have problems I need to solve.”

Much like the support PMBC offers, she takes a similar role on her block, keeping her block positive and working together. “It’s not just about me as a Block Captain, it’s about all of us on the block. My neighbors work well as a team. It makes my job easier that I can depend on them. Whether we win the clean block contest or not, we are all winners because we come together as a block and a team, and made it beautiful.”

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