Ms. Ada Rosario

PMBC Block Captain, Tenure: 20 years

Ms. Ada Rosario first moved on her block in July of 1997 with her husband and five young boys. Hers was the first Hispanic family to move on her block and was initially interested and applied to register for the “PlayStreet” program to give out lunches to the children in the neighborhood. Ms. Rosario then became friends with a neighbor around the corner who was and still is today, a Block Captain and was referred to Clean Block Officer Joe Miranda.

Ms. Rosario became a Block Captain on April 4, 2006 because she saw a decline and wanted to continue to live on a clean and safe block. Ms. Rosario stated there are 15 culturally diverse families ranging from senior citizens through to the age of one. They participate in the annual clean up events; she attends the yearly “Block Captain Rally” and has participated in a Clean Block Contest. She is committed to what she does and says she does it all for the children with great love and pride.

Ada Rosario

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