Become a Philacycler!

Philadelphia Recycling Rewards, Recyclebank, and the Office of Sustainability’s Waste Watchers Program are now one new program: Philacycle!

Philacycle is an innovative program that allows residents to help out the community and to earn all sorts of great rewards when they do. If you are a Philadelphia resident, you can join the city’s Zero Waste movement by becoming a Philacycler. From eliminating litter on our streets to learning more about sustainable living online to volunteering at a variety of local events, Philacycle rewards you for taking Zero Waste actions and engaging your friends, family, and neighbors to help make the positive impact we’d all like to see in our city.

Philacycle is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia, ReCommunity Materials Recovery Facility, and Recyclebank, who are excited to announce the launch of this new program designed to educate, motivate, and reward Philadelphia residents.

The Philacycle program will continue to provide reward points to residents for recycling and educational opportunities. New opportunities as a result of the rebrand and launch include an expansion of the original incentives and educational opportunities about waste reduction. Also new are “Philacyclers,” trained volunteers who engage residents and visitors in recycling practices at public events and in their communities, thereby helping reduce and divert waste. By helping people to sort and discard their items in real time, volunteers help event attendees and neighbors distinguish and properly place recyclables, compostable items, and waste unable to be repurposed. Under the new program, Philacycle volunteers and captains assist Philadelphia events both large and small to ensure that waste is properly sorted.

“We are excited to connect residents to additional opportunities to earn rewards and engage others in efforts that support the City’s Zero Waste goals,” said Streets Department Commissioner Carlton Williams. “This program takes our recycling rewards program to the next level by allowing residents to earn points for more than just recycling.”

After downloading the Philacycle app and creating an account, Philadelphia residents can start to earn rewards for learning, diverting waste, volunteering, and shopping at local businesses. (The iOS and Android versions of the app can currently be found by searching the name ‘Recyclebank’).

“This is a key opportunity for the City to ramp up recycling while also focusing on waste reduction,” said Nic Esposito, Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet Director. “As Philacyclers model best practices for waste diversion, we hope that the people they reach will begin to think consciously about what it is they are using from the moment of purchase through to its final use”.

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